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Year 4 - Snow Leopard & Spider Monkey

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Snow Leopard and Spider Monkey



Term 6

Term 5

We have been learning about the work of ceramic artist, Magdalene Odundo and trialing her method of collecting ideas through 2D drawings. We have also been creating 3D pieces using a range of methods such as carving soap!

Term 4

Term 4

We have taken time this term to revisit learning from earlier in the school year. We made factor bugs to help recall factor pairs as part of our multiplication learning and then used our knowledge to solve problems.

We had a wonderful time celebrating World Book Day. The children took part in two online quizzes and shared books with children at the infant school. We then spend time designing a bedroom for the characters they were dressed as, before finishing the day in a whole school assembly.

Term 3

Year 4 loved taking part in Science Week in January. We attended a workshop run by Chatham Dockyard learning about states of matter; went inside a planetarium and learnt about how scientists are exploring space further away than we ever thought possible and spent time in our classroom finding out more about electricity and using equipment to test out our ideas and creating a light-up picture.

The children got to meet the children's author Sheena Dempsey and ask her questions about her work. They found out about how and why she became an author and spent time discussing the illustration work in her books.


After her session speaking to the children, Sheena Dempsey signed books for children and they had the opportunity to put their drawing skills into action creating their Splash and Pablo stories.

The children enjoyed learning some Chinese dances and carrying out Chinese craft as part of their learning about Chinese New Year.

Term Two


 17th November 2023

So far this term we have had both Monster Mash Dress up and TTRockstars dress up days! We have learnt about area by counting squares and are now learning our times tables in maths - we're up to our 7s!  In English, we have battled beasts and in science learnt about how sound is made from vibrations and travels in waves. DT this term is all about biscuits, so we channeled our inner Paul Hollywood and Pru Leith to evaluate different biscuits.

Term One


19th September 2023

So far this term we have had fun making models of, and learning how to brush, our teeth; learnt about place value up to thousands; been learning how to hold a hockey stick and control a ball with it, and practised the actions to our Little Red Riding Hood biography!


3rd October 2023

We have been learning lots about the digestive system in science; made Diwali lamps in RE; played along to Mamma Mia on the glockenspiel and had a blast doing some African dancing.


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