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Year 4 - Snow Leopard & Spider Monkey

Welcome to

Snow Leopard and Spider Monkey


Spider Monkeys are taught by Mrs Wellard.                    Snow Leopards are taught by Mr Brabner

Term 6

Welcome back to term 6, our final term of this academic year.  How quickly the time has passed!


This term we are looking at:

  • English - an author study and persusive writing
  • Maths - statistics, shape and position
  • Geography - mountains
  • Computing - creating animations
  • Science - plants and the human skeleton
  • Art - self portraits
  • Music - Blackbird (by the Beatles)
  • French - food
  • RE - religious festivals
  • RSE/PSHE - learning about our body and some changes that take place
  • PE - rounders and outdoor activities/team games.


If you have any questions about any of or topics, please feel free to speak to Mrs Wellard ot Mr Brabner.


Term 5


We have had so much fun this term!


We really enjoyed our Roman day where we learned all about life for the Romans and what it would have been like to be a Roman solider!


In science, we have been learning about electricity and explored what materials were good conductors.


English has been fun learning our different texts through actions and drama.


We made lots of mess while doing monoprinting for art too!


Check out the pictures below. 




Roman Day April 2021

Science - Electricity

English - T4W Learning Through Drama

Art - Monoprinting

Term 4

Welcome back to term 4! 


We have moved on to writing news reports this term, and kickstarted with some fun lessons on kung fu punctuation and witnesses being interviewed over the phone!



This term we will be writing myths and news reports in English; learning about fractions and decimals in maths; sound in science and mosaics in art!  Our computing will be looking at writing for purpose and how to edit fonts and display styles to suit why we are writing.


What a great Book Week with everyone dressing up - both at home and in school!




We have fun things planned and we have borrowed lots of Roman artefacts from Maidstone Museum for the children to look at in class.



Term 3


We have been having lots of fun in school this term.  Our PE has been football and we have been practising our ball skills.


We have also been on a bug hunt to support our learning in science.


In computing we have been learning about spreadsheets!


English has been fun as we have been learning about fantasy creatures and using picture maps and actions to learn key vocabulary.



Term 3

We would usually begin by saying 'Welcome back,' however, in the current circumstances it is a very different start to the term than we were expecting.  Despite this, please be assured we are doing all we can to ensure the children's learning is not too disrupted during these times.


To ensure all children are receiving a quality education we will be doing live lessons which children can take part in via Zoom - please check the class dojo pages for the links. We will cover maths, English, computing, topic, reading and spelling, as well as giving you ideas for activities to get active on what would usually be our PE sessions. Children in school will do PE each Wednesday.


Work that children will be doing in live Zoom lessons is all on our Blended Learning Page, so please check out the link here: for the weekly work.  


We also have our Curriculum Page which outlines what we are covering across the year and gives you access to our Knowledge Organisers - these give you all the key information of what exactly the children will be covering in class. You can find our Curriculum Page here:


We love seeing the children's faces on the Zoom sessions everyday, and they have been brilliant uploading work to KidBlog too. Do encourage children to log in, using the details on dojo to have a look at everyone's hard work or to add their own blog.


Hopefully, we will see everybody back in school soon, but until then, please stay safe!


Mrs Wellard and Mr Brabner

Year 4 Class Teachers

Term 2

 Welcome back to term 2!

This term we will be looking at traditional tales and writing our own fairytales with a twist, as well as looking at playscripts.  The children have already shared ideas for a class write about Little Red Riding Hood.


Maths is looking at multiplication and division.  If children can make sure they are spending time on TTRockstars that would be great!

Well done to Dominic, Micah and Ellie who have been top of the class for the recent TTRockstars competition, and to Jessica, who has been trying so hard everyday to complete the maths Barvember challenge.


Our topic this term is Europe and we are 'visiting' lots of different countries and learning all about them. We are filling in our passports as we go!


We are looking forward to a Christmas production of some sort; although it won't be our usual play, we do have some ideas of what we can do.


PE is tag rugby and fitness - the children (and teachers) all ached after our first session, but it is getting easier.


Our science has been fun investigations about the melting point of chocolate...yummy.




As always, we are available on dojo if you need us.  We look forward to another fun-filled term, especially with the lead up to Christmas!  I wonder if any naughty elves will turn up this year?




Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Wellard and Mr Brabner

Year 4 Class Teachers


Term 1

Welcome back to school!  It is great to see everybody and the children are already settling back in to the usual school routines.


This term, our English is writing our own Greek myths and balanced arguments.  The children have already come up with some wonderful ideas for their own mythical beasts that their hero has to battle.


In maths, we are looking at place value, addition, and subtraction. The children have been revising the values of digits in numbers and did really well in their first end of unit assessment, showing us that they can apply all that they have learnt.


Topic this term has been history and we have been looking at the ancient Greeks.  So far, we have looked at gods and goddesses and made our own top trump cards based on them; explored Greek food (including making our own flatbreads) and we looked at the legacy of the Olympics. We also made our own Greek inspired Olympic pottery.



Our science for this term is animals including humans, with a focus on teeth and the digestive system. The children have already learnt about the different types of teeth humans and animals have, as well as how to look after their teeth.  We are now moving on to the digestive system, where children will learn what happens to the food they eat!


Computing is looking at blogging this term, so please encourage the children to share ideas and interests with you verbally so that they can then transfer these into writing on their blogs in class.


PE is basketball and hockey, and the children have been doing very well learning their dribbling and shooting skills in both sports.



The year 4 team are always here if you need us, so please do dojo us, or pop to see if if you need to. We post weekly updates on dojo, so please keep an eye on this for any important information that you may need to know about school.


Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Wellard and Mr Brabner

Year 4 Class Teachers

Making Greek Flatbread

To find our Knowledge Organisers (everything we will cover in all subjects) please click the link below!


They can be found at the bottom of the page.



Medication - Please let the school and your child's class teacher know if your child has any condition requiring medication, including allergies or asthma. If your child needs to be on a course of medication then please communicate with the school office