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Year 4 - Snow Leopard & Spider Monkey

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Snow Leopard and Spider Monkey


Term 5

In science, we learn that electricity flows through circuits. We used this knew knowledge to create our own circuits which included a bulb, a battery and a switch alongside other components. We also learnt how to draw the circuits we have made.

In maths, we applied lots of our maths knowledge (especially our knowledge of shape) to create the strongest tower possible out of spaghetti and mash mellows.

In computing this week, we looked at IF statements in coding.

This week we had an amazing African drumming workshop. The children had the opportunity to play three different instruments and come up with a class composition.

Term 4



Science - we have been looking at sound and how different animals hear different pitches.

PE - we have been learning how to play basketball and using our netball knowledge to help us with our passing skills.

RE - we have been learning about why some people find Jesus inspiring

English - we have been writing myths. Here are some pictures of our actions and our work!

World Book Day

Term 3


This term we are looking at:

English - Traditional Tales and Poetry 

Maths - Multiplication and Division, Area, Fractions

Science - All Living Things

Geography - Mountains

Art and DT - Shadow Puppet Shows and Multimedia

Computing - Coding and Online safety 

RSE - Hopes and Goals
RE - Festivals
PE - Dance and Hockey

Music - Violins 

French - Ou vas-tu?

Throughout the term we have been learning:



We had lucky winners of hot chocolate for reading more than 3 times in a week.  They also got extra breaktime!

Christmas in February!

We had a Magician come and visit us and even magic a white rabbit out of a hat.  We wore our Christmas jumpers and enjoyed a belated Christmas dinner!



We have been retelling the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ everyday using our actions we made up to help us.


We finished off our area topic and completed our end of term arithmetic assessments. We then started our new topic of Fractions.

We have been learning to multiply and divide 2 and 3 digit numbers. We have been using our maths aids to help us with this.


We went on a bug hunt and found some frogs, we didn’t find many insects though.


We have been improving our dribbling and passing skills with some fun games.

We have been learning to dance in PE.

We have been learning how to play hockey with a focus on our dribbling and passing skills.

Throughout the year we have been learning:

Week Commencing 31.1.22

Christmas returned this week with our Christmas dinner finally happening on Wednesday.  We were also lucky enough to be treated to a magician in the morning and a Christmas movie afternoon complete with popcorn.

We started our learning of fractions in Maths and we finished our published piece of a traditional tale in English.  Some of us even got to show our shadow theatre productions.

Week commencing 22.11.21

It has been a great week with the children and we have again enjoyed perfecting our play in between a brilliant science show and flu vaccinations! This week we have had our test week in the mornings and caught up with Science and Art in the afternoons.  We have produced some fabulous sock puppets.

Week commencing 15.11.21

It has been a great week with the children and we have enjoyed the progress that all the rehearsing of our Christmas production has shown! This week we have written our independent piece of work for a new creature that stings!  This finishes our work on explanation texts. In maths, we focused on multiplication and division of 1s, 10s, 100s and 3s.

Week commencing 08.11.2021

This we have written a shared right about how a creature stings or survives. The children merged two animals together to create a brand new animal to write an explanation text about. In maths, we focused on perimeter and how to find the perimeter of a shape with missing measurements. We have also completed lots of rehearsals for our amazing production! 

Week commencing 01.11.21
This week we have began a new English topic which is looking at explanation texts. Our model text is called ‘How a jellyfish stings’. In our lessons, we have created actions to help us learn the text and created a toolkit for writing explanation texts. In maths, we looked at converting measurements. We have also been learning our songs for our wonderful Christmas production - Who took all the loo roll?. 

W.C. 08/11/21 - we have been practising our songs for the production and having lots of fun in the process!

W.C 08/11/21 we have been doing super movers and worksheets to help us understand full stops and capital letters.

W.C 01/11/21 Creating actions to help us remember out model text - ‘How a Jellyfish Stings’.

W.C 01/11/21 Comparing different explanation texts to see the similarities and differences.


W.C 01.11.21 This week we have been looking at converting measurements and looking at mm, cm, m and km.



W.C. 01/11/21 we looked at where some famous mountain ranges are in the world.


W.C. 01.11.21 - Art - we have researched and designed sock puppets which we will make in our next art lesson.

W.C 01/11/21 Music - we began to play our violins

Term 1

Term 1


This term we are looking at:

  • English - Fantasy Writing and Non-Chronological Reports
  • Maths - Place Value and Number (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)
  • Humanities - Ancient Greeks
  • Computing - Coding
  • Science - Animals Including Humans
  • Art - Greek Pots
  • Music - Mamma Mia (Abba) and Violin lessons
  • French - Encore
  • RE - Hindusim
  • RSE/PSHE - Being Me
  • PE - Quidditch and Netball


If you have any questions about any of or topics, please feel free to speak to any of the Year 4 Team.


Week commencing 18.10.21

This week we have created a brand new mythical creature and written a non-chronological report about it. We have worked so hard on these and published them on pink paper with handwriting pens! In maths, we completed our end of block assessment which had aspects of everything we have learnt about addition and subtraction. We also completed an amazing science experiment where we looked at how the digestive system actually - it was quite messy and smelly though! Check out the pictures below to see what we’ve been doing!

Week commencing 11.10.21

This week we have completed a shared non-chronological report about our amazing dragons. We have written all about their diet, habitat, appearance and what threatens them. In maths, we looked more at subtraction and different methods to complete calculations. We also started to learn about our organs in the body and which ones are used for digestion.

Week commencing 04.10.2021


This week we had a visit from very rare dragon - the Maidstone Ridge-back! The children got to witness it roaming free in its environment. In English, we have started to look at non-chronological reports and have created a story map for our text and actions to help us remember it. In maths, we are still looking at addition and subtraction. We looked at addition with exchange and started to touch upon subtraction too. In science, we have looked at food chains and what different animals hunt, scavenge and eat. Check out the pictures below to see what we’ve been doing!

Week commencing 27.09.2021


This week we have been writing our final versions of our Fantasy stories. In maths, the children moved onto addition and subtraction. In science today, the children learnt about omnivores, herbivores and carnivores. They then went onto categorise them and look at the differences between their teeth. We also had a lovely visit from the Dog's Trust to teach us how to behave around dogs. See below some pictures of them using place value counters to help them with their learning!

Throughout the term we have been learning:


W.C 18.10.21 - English - we have been learning Kung Fu to help us remember our punctuation!

W.C 11.10.2021 - English - we have been working on using conjunctions correctly in sentences.

W.C - English - we have been creating and learning actions for our text about the Maidstone Ridge-back Dragon!

W.C 04.10.2021 - English - we have been comparing non-chronological reports to see the similarities and differences between them.

W.C 04.10.2021 English - we created a story map based on the fact file about the Maidstone Ridge-back Dragon.

W.C 04/10/2021 English - we had a rare sighting of the Maidstone Ridge-back Dragon!

W.C 06.09.2021 English - Short Burst Writing about the different features of the dragon in the Hobbit.

W.C 06.09.2021 English - Retelling the story of the Hobbit using our talk for writing story map and actions.


W.C 11.10.2021 - Maths - we have been looking at subtraction which needs exchanging.

W.C 04.10.2021 - Maths - we have moved onto looking at subtraction with no exchanging.

W.C 04.10.2021 - Maths - we have been learning how to add two three digit numbers together with exchanging.

W.C 27.09.2021 Maths - Using place value counters and maths aids to practise their column addition and times tables.

W.C 06.09.2021 Maths - learning about place value in maths.


W.C 18.10.21 - Science - we completed an experiment to see how our digestive system works!

W.C 27.09.2021 Science - Organising and sorting animals by biology majors (omnivores, herbivores, carnivores).

W.C 06.09.2021 Science - Learning all about teeth and how to look after them.

Our Science Work!


PE - we learnt about the positioning in Netball and applied this to a game situation!

PE - we have been developing our throwing and catching skills alongside our defending, attacking and shooting skills to help us play Quidditch and Netball!

Art - we have been making our Greek pots which we have been learning about all term!

We have been designing our own Christmas cards!

W.C 27.09.2021 Dog's Trust Visit

Check out our current displays!

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To find our Knowledge Organisers (everything we will cover in all subjects) please click the link below!


They can be found at the bottom of the page.



Medication - Please let the school and your child's class teacher know if your child has any condition requiring medication, including allergies or asthma. If your child needs to be on a course of medication then please communicate with the school office