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In our Science curriculum, we aim to broaden pupils’ scientific view of the world, exploring and talking about their ideas, immersing themselves in the awe and wonder of the world around them. This enables children to understand the implication of science in the real world, and the impact science has today and in the future.


We provide hands-on learning experiences to encourage children to develop scientific skills and conceptual understanding, extending their knowledge and the ability to explain their findings using scientific vocabulary and articulating concepts clearly and precisely, drawing on a range of presentational methods. All children are supported to access the science curriculum, removing barriers and identifying misconceptions, allowing every child to achieve.


Concepts, knowledge and skills are carefully sequenced, built on over time and revisited to ensure the children develop secure understanding of each block of knowledge and concepts in order to progress to the next stage.


We celebrate curiosity, encouraging children to question and investigate, through controlled experimentation, observation and exploration of the natural world around them, drawing on our local environment where appropriate.

Here are some updates from our science learning across KS2 in recent terms.

Science Week 2024

At Brookfield, we celebrated Science Week early, in order to ensure that we could book the best experiences for the children. Each year group had a session with Chatham Dockyard and enjoyed hands-on experiences linked to their perspective curriculum areas, classes enjoyed an immersive experience in the planetarium, and we had fun experimenting in our lesson time.