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The purpose of Geography

Geography helps children to explore and be aware of the world around them whilst giving them the knowledge of diverse places, people, resources that we need to survive and natural/human environments.


The curriculum for Geography aims to ensure that all pupils are taught about:

  • Locational Knowledge including the 7 continents, 5 oceans and the four countries, characteristics and seas surrounding the United Kingdom.
  • Place knowledge including similarities and differences through looking at human and physical geography in the United Kingdom in comparison to a non-European country.
  • Human and physical geography including weather patterns, the Equators and North/South Poles.
  • Geographical skills and fieldwork when using word maps, atlases interwoven with the above learning opportunities.


At Brookfield Infants, we provide the children with immersive topics and cross-curricular links to our writing through drama and role-play areas in our classrooms. We aim to expose the children to as much map-work through aerial photos, Google maps, globes and geographical vocabulary that matches their level of understanding so that they are able to explore and understand the effects humans have on the world and what is natural within our world.

Subject Knowledge Organisers are a summary of the key knowledge and skills that the children will be taught within this topic.

What does Geography look like in our school?

Miss Haxhiu leads Geography. Please contact her for additional information.