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After school clubs

Academic Year 2020-2021 - Term 3

After School Clubs - Term 4


This term, we have been able to offer 13 different after school clubs: Out & About Club, Forest School, Lego, Yoga and Mindfulness, Football, Film Club, Come prep with me, Pebble Painting, Geek Zone, Art, Hockey, Construction and Drama. Each club is lead by a member of our school team and focuses on developing their children's passion, skills and techniques in the selected area.


At Our and About Club, the children have been exploring Larkfield. Following the storm during the February half term, the children went out and assessed what damage had occurred in our local area and discuss the impact of storm Eunice on our local residence.


Mr Lungley has been working with our keen footballers in Year 3 and 4 to develop their skills - check out the photographs! The children are both hardworking and enthusiastic during the sessions with the theme of training focusing on 1v1 situations.


At Lego Club, the children are able to choose between taking on challenges to overcome/solve problems or use their imaginations to free build. The children love to flex their creative muscles in their club and construct some interesting designs.


At Drama Club, the children have enjoyed looking at scripts and taking on different roles considering the characters being portrayed. 


Our regular Geek Club enables the children to develop their skills of playing games. In our dedicated game space, The Geek Zone, the children are able to select from a wide range of games from Battleships to Bingo to play with their friends. The club is the ideal opportunity to encourage the etiquette associated with game play - listening, taking terms and team work.


Please have a look at the photographs below to see what the children have been up to!