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Maths Boot Fayre - Inspiring our children to learn about money

Every year, we host a Maths Boot Fayre (usually around Christmas time) to support our children in becoming more independent and confident with using ‘real’ money.


The whole school gets involved; cakes are made, toys are donated and stalls are prepared by parents, children and staff.


Each stall is run by a member of staff and the children spend time visiting the stalls and spending their money. They practise identifying and naming the coins as well as counting coins to find an amount. Some of our older Year 2 pupils even help out on the stalls and practise calculating change!

There is both an exciting and relaxed atmosphere; with children loving the freedom they have to buy what they wish and with staff able to give children the time and support they need to apply their newly learnt money skills.

Here were some of the children's responses to:

What did you enjoy about the Maths Boot Fayre? 

"Tesco didn't have the thing I wanted, but it was at the boot fayre."

" I liked tapping the coins to help me make 10p."

"When I go shopping with Daddy, they don't
buy what I want but today I bought all the things I like."


"It wasn't that expensive at the boot fayre so I bought so much!"