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Well-being Council

Brookfield`s Well - being School Council.


Brookfield`s Well-being School Council is all about being part of a team. By being involved in this team we can ensure that our children feel valued, listened to and supported. It gives the children a sense of ownership knowing that they can help to make a difference by having a say in what happens in school.

Term 6 


Unfortunately we had a few of our school council missing today, so we decided to have a catch up and to finish off some unfinished work that we had started a few meetings ago. We also discussed the word art that we had designed and finalised it. The children were delighted with this years  design.

Term 5


Today we met in `The Hive` and started our project for designing new postcards. The children sat and discussed what they would like to do and started work on their new designs.

I asked the children to complete this at home so that we would be able to submit them to Mr South by the end of the week which they did. The children are excited to learn if their design will be printed on a postcard! 


Today the children were introduced to our new meeting area, `The Hive`, two children from our school council spoke with Mr South  a few weeks ago and helped him to name our new space. The name was chosen as we have some new octagon shaped tables in there and it reminded the children of a bee hive. It is a central place where we will hold meetings in school. We discussed further plans that will be going head with the room.  We came together with the Curriculum School council for the introduction and then we carried on with our own project. 

Mr South spoke to the children about designing new postcards so we will continue with that project once we have finished our current one.  



Term 4 


Today the children set to work coming up with ideas and started designing their posters/signs for the buddy bench/sign for the Juniors. 


Term 3


Term 2

 Mr South kindly joined the end of our meeting today so were able to read out our minutes to him and discussed our action plan with him.

Term 1

Welcome to this years Well-being Council. All of the children were voted by their classmates for who they believed would be the best representative in their class and they have proudly been showing of their school council badges. I am so excited to be working with them all and I look forward to helping them achieve their best work within the Well-being Council.


Term 6

The Well-being Council have worked incredibly hard this year and have managed to achieve so much. They were so excited when their proposal went through and the outside area was named after their joint decision of naming it the `Chill Out Zone` . The words calm, positive and relaxed reflect what the area means to the children. There are also three bright orange parasols which have been set up around the picnic benches in this area which the children are using when they are spending time with their friends relaxing at breaktimes.

Term 5

This term we have been focusing our ideas around the Outdoor Classroom area, the Well- being Council realise the importance of being active and the well-being of others and we want to make it a place where others feel that it is somewhere that they can go and relax, so over the next few meetings we will be looking further into how we can improve on this area and make it an environment where children can relax and enjoy whilst it is being used during break and lunchtimes.

Term 4

30th March 2023

In today`s meeting we were joined by Mr South and the children were able to share their vision of what they would like to see in the future in the Outdoor Classroom area.


Term 4

9th March 2023

The children were so excited and full of ideas today about the Outdoor Classroom. They are delighted with how it is already being used. The children worked so well together. I have asked them all to have a look at this page so they can see all of their wonderful work that they are doing! 

Term 3

The children have completed their awesome pieces of artwork today for our linked school in Albania. The children have completed their awesome pieces of artwork today for our linked school in Albania.

Term 3

During our meeting today  we discussed what the word Well-being meant to the children and we have created a word art for our Well-being School Council page. 




School council meeting 28.11.2022

School council minutes 7.11.2022

School council minutes 10.10.2022

The Well-being Council