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Year 2 - Pandas & Rhinos

Welcome to Panda & Rhino Class

Term 3 – Contrasting Locations

Week 1

  • Addition
  • Past tense poetry (cold places theme)
  • 7 continents
  • Robert Falcon Scott

Week 2

  • Subtraction
  • News report – Robert Falcon Scott
  • Land forms and their features
  • Animal homes in cold places
  • Penguin artwork

Week 3

  • Missing numbers and part whole models
  • Desert animal adaptions

Week 4

  • Multiplication and division
  • Non-fiction writing – endangered tigers
  • Rainforest animals
  • Tiger artwork

Week 5

  • Statistics (tallies, pictograms and bar charts)
  • Factual leaflets – rainforest animals

Week 6

  • Shape
  • Persuasive writing – save the rainforests

Year 1 Photos & Videos below :)

Term 6 – In the garden


This term is all about getting out and exploring!


Week 1 – Children use the WWW to find out facts about insects. From this they create their own mini-beast riddles! They hunt for insects in our role play area, getting up close under the microscopes.


Week 2 – We create our perfect gardens and write about them using a setting description. We also plant some bean seeds. In Science we use watercolours to draw and label parts of a plants life cycle.


Week 3 – This week we write instructions for planting a seed and use chalks to create Monet inspired bridge artwork.


Week 4 – Beans, beans, beans. It’s time to discover lots of bean facts and think about different factual writing sentence openers. We observe and record as if we were Darwin, finding out why he was such an important figure from our past. We also look at the different trees on our site!


Week 5 - Using what we learnt last week about factual writing we write our own mini-beast fact sheets. The paints come out for Van Gogh sunflower artwork which we add layers too using pastels.


Week 6 – We visit our new classrooms for Transition week


Week 7 – Trip Week! Children write a recount about their experience at Wildwood and we head off into the local area on a Larkfield hunt!

Planting, Growing & Exploring

Term 4 & 5

Termly theme: Fantasy

What an exciting term! We have lots planned based around the theme of ‘Fantasy’.  Below we have broken children’s learning down into weeks to help you find out what we will be learning about!

Week 1

Quietly creeping into the school hall, children will find a magical fairy door. What could be behind it? A fantasy world of their imagination! We use drama to help children write their own setting description. Remember the fairy door is magical so anything is possible! Bumblebees making lamp shades of honeys, fairies knitting toads slipper-socks, trees covered in marshmallow raindrops, beds of clouds where tiny mice sleep, miniature rhinos flying on butterfly wings!  This week we also learn about St David and get busy with some Mother’s day cards. Shhh!

Week 2

World Book Week sees the school explore books from the different continents. Year 1 start with the Tinga Tanga stories of Africa, learning about the animals and the culture while creating their own stories.  During the afternoons this week children will swap classes to read stories and learn about the life of other continents. Of course it is Shrove Tuesday so there will be some pancakes flipping out of pans too!

Week 3

The land of the dragons! We swing back into fantasy by creating a fact leaflet about dragons during the mornings. This is also STEM        week so children will move around the school taking on different activities to do with science, technology, engineering and maths.  Children will design their own invention, writing a covering letter to support their idea. This will be sent off to the STEM competition the winner has their invention made for real!

Week 4

This week is very magical as we explore the book 'Tell me a dragon'. The beautiful pages inspire our 'Have you seen my dragon?' poetry.If you’re learning about dragons you might as well make some dragon eggs! Children will use clay and decorate them to look truly magical. During this week we explore the ‘big bang’ creation story too.

Week 5

Oh no! We find a poor dragon that can’t fly! How can we help him? Why don’t we write our own instructions to teach the little dragon how to fly? We will have great fun zooming around the hall and thinking of the best way to take flight! Hopefully the weather is on our side for our 'Spring Walk' where we search for signs of Autumn.

Week 5

More dragon actions... This week we read the book 'The Egg' and write our own stories.

We taste chocolate from around the world and dig a little deeper into the real meaning behind Easter. It’s the Flourish Federation’s Easter Reading Festival ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ this week don’t forget join the fun!



Term 5 ideas...

Who can do their best witches cackle? Important writing this week as we build on our instructional knowledge from last week and write a set of instructions titled ‘How to trap a wicked witch’.  Easter crafts start this week and hopefully the weather will be on our side for a seasonal changes spring walk! Children learn about the history behind Mother’s Day and use the IPads to create their own witch and wizard faces!

We can’t learn about witches without making some potions now can we? This week we bubble up our own recipes for a witch’s (or wizard’s) brew.

We enjoyed listening to our visiting engineers this week ready for STEM week after half term!

We have enjoyed tasting food which Sikhs might eat

Sea Turtles Space Facts

Still image for this video
We have learnt so many facts over the last 2 weeks!