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Year 2 - Pandas & Rhinos

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Panda and Rhino


Can you feel the love tonight - by Panda Class

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Happy Mother's Day!

Sting - Fields of Gold by Rhino Class

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Happy Mother's Day

Term 4 – Traditional Tales

Week 1

Runaway Chapatti story writing

Testing materials and suitability

Cultural day – India and the Hindu culture


Week 2

Alternative Gingerbread Man story writing

Shape – 2D and 3D including symmetry

Building and evaluating our own Three Little Pigs House

Judaism – Seder plates and Passover


Week 3

Talk for writing – Three Little Pigs story writing


History of Chocolate

Torah and the story of Abraham and Rebecca


Week 4

The True Story of The Three Little Pigs – recount

Position and Direction





Week 5

Jack and the Beanstalk – Giant Character Description



Kosher food

Data collecting!

We went out into the school grounds to collect data of the colour of cars that staff have as we will be looking at pictograms, tally charts and bar graphs further in our Maths learning. The children really enjoyed it and we found out which one was the most popular...have a look at the different representations of the pictograms the children created.

Islamic Teachings

This term in Year 2, we have been learning about the Islamic religion. We looked at what type of food is considered halal, what rules Muslim people have to follow in order to make sure the food is halal and also what clothing different Muslim denominations wear and the different ways the head covering can be displayed. We tried to portray this using our own scarf-like material to see how their lives differ from our own.

Jaws and Claws!

On Friday 7th February, Year 2 were lucky enough to meet Phil from Jaws and Claws who taught us all about the different animals that you can find living in the Rainforest. This is linked to our topic for this term, Contrasting Locations where we have been looking at the hottest parts of the world and why certain animals adapt to hot/cold environments while becoming aware of how we can look after our world. He brought in a very friendly tenrec called Tina, some African snails, hissing cockroaches (that ended up on Miss Haxhiu's head), Buster and Elvis the tree frogs, a milk snake, two tortoises and a tarantula! The children were very brave, excited and listened very carefully to his amazing facts whilst having the opportunity to hold the animals if they wanted to. Below you will find a mixture of photos!

Term 3 – Contrasting Locations

Week 1

  • Addition
  • Past tense poetry (cold places theme)
  • 7 continents
  • Robert Falcon Scott

Week 2

  • Subtraction
  • News report – Robert Falcon Scott
  • Land forms and their features
  • Animal homes in cold places
  • Penguin artwork

Week 3

  • Missing numbers and part whole models
  • Desert animal adaptions

Week 4

  • Multiplication and division
  • Non-fiction writing – endangered tigers
  • Rainforest animals
  • Tiger artwork

Week 5

  • Statistics (tallies, pictograms and bar charts)
  • Factual leaflets – rainforest animals

Week 6

  • Shape
  • Persuasive writing – save the rainforests

Our Creations

In Term 2, the children made and created moving characters linking to our Design and Technology through Christmas learning (how exciting!) and used matchsticks and materials to create their own worry dolls when we learnt about the story 'Silly Billy' and history of the Guatemalan people who created Worry Dolls many generations ago as a remedy for worrying.

Year 1 Photos & Videos below :)

Planting, Growing & Exploring

We enjoyed listening to our visiting engineers this week ready for STEM week after half term!

We have enjoyed tasting food which Sikhs might eat

Sea Turtles Space Facts

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We have learnt so many facts over the last 2 weeks!