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Year 2 - Pandas & Rhinos

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Panda and Rhino


Term 1  - Into The Woods


This term, we will be learning about animals that live in the forest.


In English we will be learning about:


Pandas and Rhinos whilst writing fact files. Also, we will be describing the Gruffalo who has been on the loose, devouring innocent animals so we will be creating a WANTED poster. After that, we are creating our own monsters and explaining why our monster has certain characteristics. We will also be writing baby badger and baby fox diaries whilst writing in first person and learning facts/finding out research about these animals.


In Maths, we will be learning about:


Pandas and Rhinos are mixed across the age group in year two into two learning ability sets. This allows Mrs Burton and Miss Haxhui to tailor teaching and pace to the children learning abilities more closely. This term we are going to be focusing on place value and basic addition and subtraction methods. This includes counting to 100 forwards and backwards, Representing numbers using base ten using different apparatus and pictorial methods when focusing on place value. We will then be building on this knowledge by learning pictorial methods to add and subtract including the empty numberline and base 10 (chips and peas method).


In Topic, we will be learning about:


Woodland habitats.  We will be exploring the different animals that live there and sorting and classifying these by their appearance and behaviour, such as what they eat (omnivore, carnivore and herbivore) and the type of animals they are (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates).  We will begin to think about how they are suited to living in a woodland habitat.  This term, we will also be creating a variety of artwork based on these animals, sketching, colouring and using clay.