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Reading is at the heart of the School Learning Environment with our Award winning ‘RED TED’ – ‘Read Every Day, Talk Every Day’ Home Reading Incentive and Reward Scheme which nurtures a close home /school bond and a love of reading.

Opportunities for reading are planned daily through class-shared ‘Interactive Bug Club’ books, group Guided Reading, home time stories and individual reading time.

Daily phonics lessons ensure that the ‘nuts and bolts’ of reading are secure and class, group and one to one reading with Class Teachers and Reading Partners ensures that children are broadening their understanding on higher order texts as they use inference, prediction, comparisons and meaning when discussing both fiction and non-fiction texts.

Children progress through our reading levels at their own pace and books are assigned to them depending on their reading and comprehension ability. Understanding what they read is just as important as the reading itself.

Below is a chart showing how children progress through the reading levels or book bands. This is linked to their phonic ability. The shaded sections for each year group indicate the range of 'expected' attainment.

If children are below the expected range we will put support in place to ensure they can move forward with their learning.


Colour band Reading Recovery Level Phonic Phase Approx Yr R Yr 1  Yr 2 Level
Pink 1,2 Phase 2        
Red 3,4,5 Phase 3        
Yellow 6,7,8 Phase 3/4       1 emerging low
Blue 9,10,11 Phase 4/5       1 emerging high
Green 12,13,14 Phase 5       year 1 expected low
Orange 15,16 Phase 5/6       year 1 expected high
Turquoise 17,18 Phase 5/6       year 2 emerging low
Purple 19,20 Phase 6       year 2 emerging high/ year 1 exceeding
Gold 21,22 Phase 6       year 2 expected low
White 23,24         year 2 expected high
Lime           year 2 exceeding




Click link to Gallery below to enjoy a bedtime story read by Mrs Guyton!