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Our Reading lead is Mrs Guyton. If you have any questions about Reading, please contact her via the school office. 

Reading Intent

At the Flourish Federation it is our firm belief that every child will become a  successful reader. To this end we provide our children with access to a wide variety of carefully levelled reading texts, both fiction and non-fiction, with differing genres, writing styles and layouts. Our intention is not to have children bark through a set reading scheme – we enable them to make choices about the texts they enjoy in order to engage them in the reading process.


Reading is at the heart of the School Learning Environment with our Award winning ‘RED TED’ – ‘Read Every Day, Talk Every Day’ Home Reading Incentive and Reward Scheme which nurtures a close home /school bond and a love of reading. Families understand that it is our expectation that children will read with a parent most nights, but at least 3 times a week. Every child has a Home-School Reading Record book which goes home nightly with their current reading book. This provides a ‘reading conversation’ between the school and parents with specific reading prompts and praise provided which builds the self-extended reading system a child needs to progress onto more challenging texts. 


Reading opportunities in school are as follows:

  • A 1:1 reading session with the class teacher, at least weekly, where the reading is assessed for instructional level, pace, phrasing, expression and understanding. They will be prompted to use a variety of cross-checking strategies to decode and self- correct with minimal assistance. This builds resilience and independence. They are given lots positive feedback to promote a ‘can do’ attitude.
  • A weekly group guided reading session with the class teacher to secure comprehension skills.
  • Daily phonics sessions to scaffold reading strategies such as sounding out, chunking words, splitting stem & suffix etc.
  • A daily story read to the whole class, often from our school Reading Spine. This enables children to hear how a book should be read and gives them a chance to either join in with known elements or just sit back and enjoy!
  • Talk for Writing to promote reading skills providing children with a pictorial text that they translate to a rich written text that they are encouraged to re-read to secure, correct and enhance.


Our skills-based planning reinforces and enhances varied and flexible reading skills and is further strengthened with a variety of stimulus including topic specific books and role play ‘hooks’. As children learn to use rich language orally, it becomes familiar ‘on the page’.

All children’s reading progress is tracked termly and reading initiatives are put in place for any static or struggling readers. This may be in the form of a Reading Recovery or Better Reading Stamina one-to-one programme,  small group daily phonic keep-up sessions or reading ‘modelling’ sessions for the parent in order to get  these children back on track as enthusiastic, confident and competent readers.


Children progress through our reading levels at their own pace and books are assigned to them depending on their reading and comprehension ability. Understanding what they read is just as important as the reading itself.

Below is a chart showing how children progress through the reading levels or book bands. This is linked to their phonic ability. The shaded sections for each year group indicate the range of 'expected' attainment.

If children are below the expected range we will put support in place to ensure they can move forward with their learning.


Colour band Reading Recovery Level Phonic Phase Approx Yr R Yr 1  Yr 2 Level
Pink 1,2 Phase 2        
Red 3,4,5 Phase 3        
Yellow 6,7,8 Phase 3/4       1 emerging low
Blue 9,10,11 Phase 4/5       1 emerging high
Green 12,13,14 Phase 5       year 1 expected low
Orange 15,16 Phase 5/6       year 1 expected high
Turquoise 17,18 Phase 5/6       year 2 emerging low
Purple 19,20 Phase 6       year 2 emerging high/ year 1 exceeding
Gold 21,22 Phase 6       year 2 expected low
White 23,24         year 2 expected high
Lime           year 2 exceeding




Open the PDF document below for lots of tips on how to start your child off on a really successful Reading Journey! 

Successful Home Reading

Click link to Gallery below to enjoy a bedtime story read by Mrs Guyton!