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School Council

Welcome to our school council page!


Our Infant School Council consists of year 1 and 2 pupils who work alongside Mrs Guyton and Mrs Wheeler to help keep the school in order! They have an important role to play, providing a 'child voice' within the Infant School. 

Infant School

Term 1

We elected and introduced our new school councillors to the school. We decided to look at healthy eating this term and invited Shelly, our school Catering Manager, to our first meeting. We conducted a school survey to see what healthy school meals we really kike and what meals we are not keen on! Shelly will use this information to make us delicious, healthy school dinners! We asked Mrs Guyton to plan some Healthy Eating Assemblies this term.

Term 2

We re-introduced the Buddy Bus Stop at playtimes. We have opened a Rainbow Café this term to encourage children to eat more fruit and vegetables in their school dinners – tokens were awarded and Rhino Class gained the most tokens and won a special class lunch!

We asked Mrs Guyton to plan some Healthy Living Assemblies this term.

Term 3

We invited the little ones in Penguin and Dolphin classes to join the Rainbow Café. They are trying more fruit and vegetables !

We asked Shelly, our School Catering Manager, to provide a food tasting session for the parents-she made some delicious, healthy food for our parents and children to try. Don’t forget-school dinners are free in the Infants!

We decided to look at packed lunches next term – we will start with a survey to see what fruit and vegetable children have in their packed lunches – we will let you know what good ideas we find!

We asked Mrs Guyton to plan some Healthy Body/Healthy Mind Assemblies this term.

School Council Meeting Minutes