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School Council

Our Infant School Council consists of year 1 and 2 pupils who work alongside Mrs Guyton to help keep the school in order! They have an important role to play, providing a 'child voice' within the Infant School. 


Term 1 2020/21


The Year 2 & Year 1 classes have nominated their School Councilors for this school year.


Welcome to :


Rhino Class: Tommy  and Skylar  

Panda Class: Alexis and Joshua 

Sea Turtle Class: Grace  and  Cian

Elephant Class: Sophia  and Teddy   


This term the school council will be asking the children in their classes if they enjoyed sharing their Happiness boxes with each other and what other ideas they want the School Council to investigate to keep them happy in their learning and relationships.  We will be sharing the information we gather in a School Council meeting next term!

Term 2  


The school Councillors reported back that the classes had enjoyed sharing their Happiness Boxes with their class mates and they really enjoyed seeing what their teachers and TAs had put in their

 own boxes!  

The School Council discussed whether, Covid restrictions allowing, we could have a Christmas Pantomime, Christmas parties, a visit from Santa and the FOBs Present Room. 

We investigated these requests and arranged for the children to enjoy an online Pantomime. 

We held Christmas  parties in the class bubbles and the Santa visited at the door of each bubble! 

FOBs safely organised the Present Room - 'Elfridges'- with chosen gifts held in 72 hour isolation by Santa's elves before going home! 

Term 3 


The School Council met part in-school and part on Zoom this term! 

We discussed what the Home Learners may be missing as part of school life. 

Our Home Learning Councillors had some good suggestions which we then put to Miss Smith to see if she could organise things! 

Sophia was missing seeing her class teacher as one year group teacher teaches the in-school learners and the other teachers the home learners. 

We arranged for the in-school teaching staff to 'zoom' the home learners in their class.

Skylar thought the home learners may be missing playtimes! 

Miss Smith has arranged some 'Friendship' zooms so groups of home learners can have a chat with their friends.

Grace likes seeing other children's work - we thought the home learners could share work they are proud of during the Friendship zooms.  


Term 4 School Council


We would like to know what ideas the classes have to make our time in Terms 5 and 6 really enjoyable.

We had a think and came up with some ideas.


Teddy suggested a painting competition.

Grace wanted to know how we would do sports day.

Joshua came up with an idea to do a ‘mile obstacle course’

Cian asked if we could do a ‘Reading Mile’ where some of the grown ups are at ‘reading stations’ round the field and children stop at each one for a story.

Alexis and Tommy wondered if children had any other ideas for clubs they would like.

Sophia and Skylar wondered if we will be able to do a school trip this year.


We have made a School Council ‘Suggestion Box’ for the School Council hall space so children can put ideas in.


The School Council decided that we would need to look in the box during week one, Term 5 and take the ideas to Miss Smith to see which ones we can organise.



Term 5 


The School Council investigated the contents of the suggestion box and found some good ideas! 

Reading, sports, school trips, extra rewards and penny fair all featured! 

We had a chat with Miss Smith  to see what we can organise for the school.

We are going to have a Penny Fair in Term 6 on  Wednesday 14th July outside in the (hopefully) lovely sunshine.

Miss Dennis is in charge of PE and she has planned a Sports Day in Term 6 on Thursday 8th July. - we think this will be just the children and no parents this year to keep everyone safe.

Miss Smith decided that, as we can't safely organise school trips this year, she will book 'Paws & Claws' to visit the school in Term 5!

We asked Mrs Guyton if we can organise a Reading Mile on the school field in Term 6 - she thinks this a super idea and she will organise this with the Class Teachers! 

Miss Smith had a great new 'reward' idea! The children have been getting very noisy during the lunch sessions in the hall so we now have a 'Quiet Lunch' Challenge! Children can earn reward tokensfor their class if they use their 'little voices'. At the end of each term, the school council will count up the class tokens to see who has won the class reward! This term, Elephant Class are the winners with 339 reward tokens and they have chosen to bring a cuddly to school for a class picnic - well done Elephant Class!