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Books given to the children from our vending machine so far this academic year -


Reading at Brookfield Junior School

Reading is such a key part of our lives and we often take it for granted. In education, we are aware that it can be seen as simply 'another subject' but we know that it is SO much more; it is a source of a great deal of happiness, it sparks creativity and interest, it is beneficial to mental health. 


The staff are avid readers - not just because we work in a school, but because books are great - and we want to support our community with reading too...adults and children!


With that in mind, this page is here to support the promotion of reading and inform you of things that we have in place to hopefully pique that interest and satisfy the inner bookworm.


Click on the links and explore where this page can take you - hopefully as it evolves, it will become its own rabbit hole of reading for you to get lost in and inspired by.