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Clubs & Extra-Curricular Activities

At Brookfield Junior School, we recognise the significant value in providing children with opportunities that they may not otherwise have the chance to engage with. With this in mind, we have been working hard to build our extra-curricular offer to support the development of children's cultural capital as far as possible.


This is done through the following:


Before School: We run a Federation Breakfast Club, opening at 7:30, providing a range of breakfast options, activities and also welcome to pupils of Lunsford School. The cost for this £4 per day.


Lunch-times: We run a range of different opportunities for your children at lunch times through our Zones. These include the Geek Zone - an area where children develop social skills through board games, encouraged and supported by members of staff in how to play them properly; The Hub -a nurture based area that focusses on supporting those children who may need a little more guidance in unstructured times; The year 6 Common Room - supporting transition to secondary and giving them more space this includes a pool table, table tennis, Just Dance, Chess and more; The Sports Zone - carefully timetabled to provide the opportunity to play a range of sports, from Quidditch through to Basketball; The Energy Zone - no ball games  and a safe space for engaging in other physical activities; The Park Zone - trim trails, benches and a bit of calm; The Library - Open almost every lunchtime and providing an opportunity to embrace reading and, in good weather, merging with the outdoor classroom area to create a safe and calm area for reading, reflection and conversation. 


The school council have some amazing plans in moving these zones into their next phase of development!


Morning and Afternoon: We offer formal piano lessons with our certified ABRSM Piano Teacher, and also less formal 'band-based' lessons through RockSteady Music. These take place during lesson time but we cannot emphasise enough the benefits of learning an instrument - the discipline, the maths and the pure confidence that it can build. 


After School: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we offer a range of after school clubs. These are all designed to have a purpose and end-point (where possible), and range from woodwork to forest school, netball to programming. On average, we run 15 clubs per term with a cost of £15 per term. These run from 3:15 until 4:15. We also run a few Year 6 exclusive clubs, designed to support transition and create an increased sense of community in what can be a particularly difficult year for some. 


Throughout the year, we will also bring in a few external companies to run clubs. Currently there is a successful Drama Club, which is going from strength to strength and, when it is available, there is also a Science club.