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Sports at Brookfield Junior School

Sports at Brookfield Junior School


At Brookfield Junior School, we strive to make sport a varied and celebrated aspect of life, We provide the opportunity for the children to play a wide range of sports, from hockey to Quidditch, football to netball, extending these opportunities beyond the classroom to become a part of everyday school-life in our playground zones as well. 


We believe that it is important for children to experience this base of wide opportunities, to enable them to find a sport that is suited to the individual rather than simply what is popular amongst their peers, building their level of cultural capital. 


Please take the time to look at the sections below for further details, especially our Brookfield Sporting Superstars - celebrating the sporting achievements of our amazing children.


At Brookfield, we have invested in a new sport called Quidditch. A slightly adapted sport, without the broomsticks and magic, our children are enjoying learning the skills and techniques needed to play and develop within the sport. We teach it through the curriculum, as well as offer after school Quidditch clubs and Quidditch days!


In September 2023, Brookfield Junior School participated in a whole school Quidditch day and what fun we had!


Enrich came to lead our sessions and each class competed in games up on the field. After using the sorting hat, we were all put into houses from the Harry Potter Books; Slytherin, Griffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw!


After a whole day of competing and earning points for our team, the winners were announced.... Slytherin took the lead and were awarded with the trophy! The teachers all got to join in too, by being the golden snitch that the children had to snatch at the end!




October 2023

Like with Quidditch, we teach Hockey through our curriculum and offer after school clubs too - we even put on hockey lunch-time games.


We were very fortunate this year to attend the Kent Teach Games Hockey tournament which was held at Ksports Hockey Club. We took a team of Year 5/6 girls and boys in October who represented our school fantastically. They played several games of hockey throughout the day, scoring goals and showing some fabulous team work.


Brookfield Junior School were then awarded with the Kent Teach Games FAIR PLAY award for showing great attitude, etiquette and manners - we could not have been more proud of our team for being great ambassadors of our school.



November 2023

Brookfield Junior School attended their first ever Basketball tourament, hosted by Medway Mini Youth Games. It was a whole day event and Brookfield did so well considering it is a very new basketball team.

The children we extremely lucky and managed to meet MBA superstar, Ryan Richardson,, who very kindly spoke to the children and had a photo with the team!!


November 2023

We were able to take two teams to this years football tournaments, a mixed year 3/4 team and a boys 5/6 team. These tournaments were held at Aylesford FC and the children had such a good day!


Both teams were fabulous and the level of skill demonstrated was outstanding - again, all children represented our school with great pride and were wonderful ambassadors. 



Cross Country


November 2023

Brookfield were able to take 20 children to our first cross country event! This was held at Mote Park and run by Kent Teach Games.


We took children from all year groups and they ran their hearts out. Our Year 3/4s had to run 1.5km whilst our Year 5/6's had to run 2km!


The children were phenomenal! Some of them have never run such a distance before but nobody would ever have known. They showed great fitness and skill, but even better, our children supported all schools by clapping each and every child over the finish line once they had completed their race - huge Kudos!!

Brookfield Sporting Superstars

At Brookfield we like to showcase and celebrate all sporting achievements - we have a proud wall which is regularly updated and we celebrate every Friday in our celebration assembly. If the children are confident enough, they share their achievements with the whole school which in turn inspires others to take up a new sport.


Some of our sporting superstars include achievements from diving and swimming to martial arts and horse riding - so a real range!