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Parent Workshops and Choir

Brookfield`s Happy Place Choir


Mrs Board is the Infant School music teacher and leads the choir and singing assemblies in the Junior School, and she is helping to bring the best out of us. Our confidence has grown so much since we started the workshop. We are only in week 4 of 6 of our workshop and there are twelve members in total. We are all challenging ourselves and I cannot express how happy we feel after our workshop. We are improving our well -being and making music we never thought we could. Mrs Board wanted to share some of the joy of singing and also feel the joy of working with adults and their singing abilities.


We are learning to not only be part of a choir and listen to each other but also sing correctly and pick up performing techniques along the way.


Singing in a choir is not only good for your mental health but is a great way to make new friends. We all have something in common and that is we all love music! 


We have bonded incredibly well as a group and there isn`t a member that doesn`t skip out of the session after feeling upbeat about their achievements.....


We hope to grow this choir over time and see it as a more embedded part of our community, and if you have any questions about it - or wish to join in the future - please just speak with more, or message.




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