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At the Flourish Federation, our History curriculum aims to facilitate a development of chronologically secure knowledge and an appreciation and understanding of British, local and world history, drawing on a range of evidence and sources to gain historical perspective. Children will be taught to make meaningful links through inquiry and enquiry questions, allowing them to form their own, informed interpretations. We intend that our curriculum will influence children’s decisions about personal choices, attitudes and values for the challenges of their time.


Our curriculum will focus on key historical concepts, such as: trade, culture, democracy & leadership, invasion, societies, while exploring the themes of continuity and change, similarities, difference and significance. Appropriate vocabulary will progress overtime, alongside the key historical concepts, enabling children to use accurate, technical language to explain their reasoning.

We aspire to make learning a hands-on experience, helping children to put themselves in the shoes of people from the past, making learning engaging and memorable. This in-turn will support children with SEND and disadvantaged pupils, removing barriers and enabling them to progress from their starting point, regardless of their cultural capital. Children will be encouraged to ask perceptive questions, think critically, weigh evidence and sift arguments, linking prior learning to inform perspectives and judgements, and understand the intent of the evidence provided.

Some of our learning experiences across KS2: