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At Brookfield Junior School, we are changing the way that we record reading both in school and at home. We will be using BoomReader, which is a digital reading record, to support communication between home and school. It's also much easier for parents to log reads (wherever they are) without needing a physical record or diary in front of them. 


Benefits we think you'll appreciate:

  • No lost reading diaries
  • Reading diaries are never left at home on the busy school run
  • Log reading in seconds- just 4 or 5 taps of your phone to log reading.
  • Easy to see all reading for all of your children in one place
  • No damaged/ruined reading diaries
  • The school gains a powerful insight into reading for every child
  • Reading records move with your child through school
  • Parents without smartphones can login via the website:
  • And of course, the app is completely free for parents to download and use



BoomReader Parent Workshop