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Site Safety

Joint Site Safety


Here at the Flourish Federation we share a very open site and therefore security can be a concern.

Please help us to ensure that the site is as free of unnecessary traffic as possible. We thank the large majority of you for parking your cars off site. The limited car parking spaces onsite are for staff and parents with a disability pass. Whilst it is necessary for delivery vans and service vehicles to enter the site there is plenty of road parking and a car park in Martins Square that can be safely used and is only a few minutes’ walk away.

We are aware that like us, you place the safety of your child at the top of the list and therefore will support us in implementing the following procedures to ensure that your child’s safety is not compromised.

The main gates are locked week days from 8.30a.m. and reopened at 9a.m. They are also locked at 3.00p.m. and reopened at 3.30p.m. This is to ensure that children and their families can arrive and leave school safely without the chance of an accident.

We ask the few parents who require access that has been approved by the school to arrive before the gates close. They are also asked to display their parking card on their dashboard when using the school site. Whenever possible, we provide a nominated person to be on the gate to ‘monitor’ the traffic. This, however, will not always be possible, so for those with parking cards you may have to wait until the gates are reopened.

Vehicles that do have permission to be on site should observe the following instructions;

  • To restrict their speed to no more than 5 mph
  • To activate their hazard warning lights
  • To be extra vigilant of pedestrians at all times.

Due to our site being shared with Lunsford Primary School, Kingfisher Preschool and the Dorcas Centre it is not possible for us to have full control of the main gate. We ensure that all of our staff closes the gates when entering and exiting the site and we ask that as parents and carers you would help us in this area, doing the same and helping to keep our site secure. This includes the pedestrian gate next to the main gate.

In addition to this, our playground gates and latches are checked regularly, however if you notice a problem with any of our gates please inform the office immediately so that we can rectify the situation. We will get the best results if we work together.

We ask that parents please wait outside of the fenced areas at the beginning and end of the school day. This is for the safety of all children and to make sure learning equipment is not damaged.

We have fencing around both playgrounds now but ask that you still keep a watchful eye on little people before and after school to ensure their safety.

If you have any questions about our site safety, please speak to a member of staff or visit the office.