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At the Flourish Federation, it is our intent that the Physical Education curriculum inspires children to have a lifelong love of movement, through a range of forms and disciplines through which we hope that they develop a passion for. We aim to expose children to a multitude of sports, both familiar and perhaps less so, allowing them to make their own choices about which sport-types they may wish to access in their future life.


We endeavour to give our children a strong skills-base, allowing them to access a wide variety of games and sports that they enjoy, where they can adapt and refine a range of techniques. We aim for children to develop cooperative and collaborative skills as part of a team, understanding fairness, respect and equity of play, giving them the ability to participate in competitive sports - providing opportunities and encouraging participation in inter/intra-school competitions. By giving the children this responsibility, we hope for them to learn the importance of communication, perseverance, team-work and organisation. Our curriculum will support children to build resilience and consistently strive to give their best efforts at all times, achieving their potential and personal best. 


We strive to ensure our curriculum is inclusive to all, regardless of their motor-skills, ability and starting points, tailoring our curriculum to ensure that they have the best possible opportunities to achieve. We aim to celebrate the expertise and dedication that children bring from outside school clubs/cultural capital.  Additionally, we educate the children about the implications and impact that sport and physical activity has on both their physical and mental health and how both of these will affect their overall well-being.


Our intent is to ensure all children learn to swim at least 25 metres and have an awareness of water safety, in line with the Swim England Charter, recognising this as an important life skill - particularly within our locality - not only for children’s safety but to enhance their life-experiences.