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Year 5 - Polar Bear & Sea Lion

Welcome to Year 5: Sea Lion and Polar Bear

Spellings- Term 4

Fortnight beginning 19th January

We had a fab trip to The Malling School learning about where our food comes from, we have been designing our own games, learning about the Maya people from artifacts and discovering the features of speech and description.

Fortnight beginning 29th January 2024





Over the last two weeks we have been celebrating Chinese New Year by creating Chinese good luck symbols and taking part in a Chinese Dragon Workshop. Finished our Pop Art projects and created some brilliant pages on how and why we should save the Amazon Rainforest.

Fortnight beginning 15th January 2024

Over the last two weeks we have been exploring how natural resources are distributed globally, taking part in maths investigations, discussing our career ambitions, conducting scientific investigations, creating databases and producing some beautiful artwork!

Fortnight beginning 1st January 2024

What a coupe of weeks we have had! We have held debates, we've sorted materials, we have experimented with the changes of materials, had a great time with Challenger Troop, experienced the planetarium and raced balloons!

Fortnight beginning 27th November 2023

We have been learning about trade and why the Vikings came to settle in Britain, creating spells and perfecting our partner balances.

Fortnight beginning 13th November 2023

The past two weeks we have been enjoying learning about spreadsheets in computing. In PE we have been trying to balance using equipment. In history we have been finding out about Alfred the Great and discovering why he deserves the title 'Great'. We also had a visit from Captain Wonderweb and the Esteem Machine to carry out a workshop on Wellbeing.

Fortnight beginning 30th October 2023

We have had a lovely couple of weeks. Here are some highlights showing us on our Forces Days with Mr Berry, measuring out Viking longboats, taking part in PE and some hot seating activities for English.

Fortnight beginning 9th October 2023

What a fabulous couple of weeks. We have been drumming, learning about CPR, discovering what was found at the Sutton Hoo site and working hard on our songs and lines for the harvest assembly!

Fortnight beginning: 25th September 2023

Over the last fortnight, we have been: writing our information texts, exploring efficient methods of addition and subtraction, discovering time zones and the reason we have night and day, finding out about Anglo-Saxon beliefs and villiage life, and taking part in an African dance workshop. The children have shown great enthusiasm and have been receiving lots of Learning Lemur stickers.

Welcome to our new website page! We have had a great start to this academic year. The children have been creating dances, investigating how we know the Earth is not flat, coding traffic lights, having a go at drama activities to inform an audience and learning body parts in French.