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EYFS - Penguins & Dolphins

Welcome to Penguin & Dolphin Class

Welcome to our year group page!


We will update our class pages regularly to let you know what we have been up to in school. Please also keep up to date with your child's learning via the weekly newsletter as this will keep you well informed! The weekly newsletter will be displayed outside your child's classroom and also on dojo! 


Scroll down to see what Dolphin and Penguin class have been learning about!

Click below to access our virtual learning page - if your child has to isolate due to COVID or an alternative reason then you can access our plans and resources for the week via the link below. 


Any questions just dojo your child's class teacher!

Please note that phonics plans will be sent direct via dojo due to copyright! Please message your child's class teacher so they can send them to you. :) 

Term 4 - Transport


This term we will be learning all about different types of transport. We will spend some time finding out about the transport that we can see around us. We will do some traffic surveys and transport hunts. We will look at old and new transport to see how it has changed over time. 



We will focus on 3 books from our reading spine and use talk for writing to learn the stories and support us in writing tasks around the books.


Rosie's Walk - A story focusing on a journey by walking. 

Rosie's Walk story video


Mrs Armitage on Wheels - a story about a very special bike ride

Mrs Armitage on Wheels story video


Naughty Bus - a story all about a bus that goes on a very interesting journey

Naughty Bus story video


When learning these stories we will write labels, captions, sentences and begin to write simple stories.



We will continue to learn our phonics through Little Wandle. We have now learnt all the phonemes for this year so we will be revising them and learning to read and write them in a range of words and sentences. We will also be ensuring we can read and write tricky words.



This term we will focus on the numerical pattern aspect of our maths. This will include 3D shapes, positional language and

length, weight and capacity. We will also continue to embed using numbers to 10. We will look at subitising, counting, addition and subtraction. 



We will take part in a range of creative activities including junk modelling – building different types of transport, printing with different shapes, mother’s day crafts, Easter crafts and much more. We will of course also have free access to the creative area for the children to create whatever they can imagine.


In school:

We will have a range of special activities happening throughout the term that the whole school will be involved in.

Healthy Soul Week - thinking about having healthy bodies and minds

Red nose day - support and raising money for comic relief

Support for Ukraine - raising money to support the people in Ukraine

Eat them to defeat them - a week of encouraging healthy eating

Down the rabbit hole - our Easter read

Easter bonnet parade



Term 3 - Light and Dark!

Talk for writing story - We're Going on a Bear Hunt!



This term the children will be learning about the topic of Light and Dark. Alongside this topic they will also be focusing on the story of 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' as their Talk for Writing story. 



During term 3 Dolphin and Penguin Class will be very busy learning about Light and Dark and also getting stuck into their story of 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt.'


The children will be doing the following activities over the term;

- Talking about their Christmas holiday and sharing their news with the class

- Talking about what they know about Light and Dark and what they'd like to find out

- Orally learning the story of the Bear Hunt and going on a Bear Hunt outside!

- Writing a description of the Bear

- Sequencing the story of the Bear Hunt!

- Writing a caption to match a chosen picture from the story of the Bear Hunt

- Making Bear crafts!

- The children will also be listening to other stories relating to Light and Dark such as Oscar and the Moth and How to Catch a Star! 


Little Wandle 

EYFS children will continue to learn their phonic sounds through the Little Wandle scheme. They will learn more digraphs now (2 letters making one sound) and work on applying their phonic knowledge to reading and writing!


Children will also have fun learning through their play in plan, do and review sessions and have many exciting tuff spots to investigate that will support their learning. Stay tuned for pictures of the children's learning throughout the term!

What else will we be getting up to this term?




What will we be focusing on in Maths?

There is now new Maths content in our curriculum which means Dolphin and Penguin Class will be learning some new concepts such as;


- Odd and Even numbers

- Subitising 

- Number bonds to 5 and then 10 


The children will be working on these above concepts this term and also be looking at 1 less than a number and 1 more than a number. 

                 Term 2 - Celebrations!


This term Dolphin and Penguin Class will be covering the topic of Celebrations! 

So far we have learnt about Firework Night, Diwali, Remembrance Day, Birthday's and now we are moving onto Christmas!


Our talk for writing story is The Gingerbread Man! The children have been learning to retell this story and completing activities relating to the story too!  

Celebrations and times of importance

Work on our topic of Celebrations and the Gingerbread Man!

Term 1 


We have loved getting to know your little ones over these first few weeks and we hope they have all enjoyed exploring our early years area and getting to know our class routines and all of the children and adults.


This term we will be getting to know the children and basing our learning around the children's interests. We will be sharing our happiness boxes to find out what is important to them. We hope they enjoy telling us and their friends about their home life and their favourite things that make them happy.



Our first few weeks at school!