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EYFS - Penguins & Dolphins

Welcome to Penguin & Dolphin Class

Term 4




This term Penguin and Dolphin class will be learning all about Dinosaurs! We hope to cover the following during this topic;


  • Finding out what the children already know about dinosaurs
  • Finding out what the children would like to find out about dinosaurs
  • Using books and computers (safely) to find out information about dinosaurs
  • Using our imagination to go on a dinosaur hunt!
  • Looking at pictures of what sort of environment dinosaurs lived in and also where we live - what are the differences and similarities?
  • Making 3D dinosaur models, alongside learning about 3D shapes.
  • Measuring dinosaur footprints
  • Weighing and measuring toy dinosaurs, comparing length, height and weight



In addition to this the children will also be learning about relevant celebrations such as;


  • Pancake day
  • Easter
  • Mother's day 



Duck Eggs!


We are very excited that we will be having some duck eggs in school. The children will be able to watch the ducks hatch and grow over a couple of weeks. They will talk about how to look after the ducks and help to do this. We hope this will be a very exciting and enjoyable experience for the children! :) 


The ducks went paddling...

Our dinosaur hunt!

A small footprint
A big footprint
A bone
Another bone
Another bone!
A blue rock
A footprint?
Dinosaur poo! Smelly!
A nest

Plan, do and review sessions :)

Knowledge organisers - Our knowledge organisers will tell you more about what the children will be learning each term across all areas in EYFS.