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EYFS - Penguins & Dolphins

Welcome to Penguin & Dolphin Class

Term 4



This term Penguin and Dolphin class have been learning all about dinosaurs!

The children have all been so enthusiastic about this topic and have loved using their imaginations and learning and sharing facts about dinosaurs.



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Book Week

During Book week each year group focused on a different continent; we were learing about Europe. This lead to us going on a dinosaur hunt and visiting lots of different places in Europe.

We went to see Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Alps.

The children wrote about our journey and got to do lots of different activities and food tasting from different countries.


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We became engineers during STEM week.

S- science

T - technology

E - engineering

M - mathematics

We all entered a competion to think of a problem and come up with different ways to solve them.

The children found lots of problems including forgetting to tuck chairs under the tables, balls going over the fence, tidying up our bedrooms and many more.

Each child designed a robot to help them with their problem.


We had a problem to solve as a class. We needed to build a boat for a dinosaur that couldn't swim. The children worked in pairs to make a boat and we tested them to see how well they worked.

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