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EYFS - Penguins & Dolphins

Welcome to Penguin & Dolphin Class

Welcome to our year group page!


We will update our class pages regularly to let you know what we have been up to in school. Please also keep up to date with your child's learning via the weekly newsletter as this will keep you well informed!


Scroll down to see what Dolphin and Penguin class have been learning about!

Term 5 - Animals


This term Dolphin and Penguin Class will be learning about animals. So far the children have talked and written about their favourite animals, learnt about animals that come from the Amazon Rainforest - during Around the World Week and also listened to the story of 'Dear Zoo' and written their own version of this story as a class. 



The Amazon Rainforest


Plan, do and review!

Term 4 - Light and Dark

Welcome back! We are really looking forward to welcoming ALL of the children back to school really soon so we can all learn lots about our topic of light and dark altogether!

Stay tuned for the various activities we will be getting up to!

Term 3 - Transport!



A very strange term for us all but hopefully term 4 will be the beginning of normality for us all! Fingers crossed! 


We are SO grateful for the parental support with children's home learning throughout this really tough time and we cannot wait to welcome your little people back to school, hopefully really soon! 


The children have learnt lots about transport over term 3 and have completed a variety of activities such as;


  • Going on a transport walk to observe different types of transport in the local area (within school grounds)
  • Learning about which types of transport travel in the air, on land and in the water
  • Making 3D models of transport 
  • Making boats and testing to see if they float or sink
  • Designing their own modes of transport and writing about this 
  • Writing letters to the boy from the story 'Lost and Found' of how to help the penguin return home to the South Pole. 
  • Painting pictures of different types of transport
  • Role playing in the car wash outside and in the travel agents inside
  • Talking about where they have travelled and where in the world they'd like to travel, whilst looking at a world map 
  • Making pirate ships in the outdoor area with the construction resources

Some of the transport activities we got up to in term 3!

                 Term 2 - Celebrations!


This term Dolphin and Penguin Class will be covering the topic of Celebrations! During their first week they have enjoyed a carousel of activities relating to various celebrations. Stay tuned for  more pictures soon! :) 

Celebrations and times of importance

Creative work on our topic of Celebrations!

Term 1 


We have loved getting to know your little ones over these first few weeks and we hope they have all enjoyed exploring our early years area and getting to know our class routines and all of the children and adults.


This term we will be getting to know the children and basing our learning around the children's interests. We will be sharing our happiness boxes to find out what is important to them. We hope they enjoy telling us and their friends about their home life and their favourite things that make them happy.



Photographs of our first few weeks at school